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Remove Toxins: Turn off the TV! 
10th-Sep-2008 04:45 am
ATHF Meatwad TV
There are many hidden dangers encountered by falling asleep with the television on. Such circumstances are especially true with Comedy Central and the wee predawn hours with a post-4:00 a.m. television conversation:

"I just don't feel perfect," a voice on a phone states with hesitation. "I feel tired. I feel like something is missing. Do you think this product could help me?"

"Gary, let me ask you a question: Do you have kids?" interjects another voice.

"Yes," replies the first voice.

"Are your bowel movements the same size and length as theirs are?" states the second voice.

"Absolutely not!" barks the caller in horror.

WHAT THE FUCK?!? As it was Comedy Central, one would surmise that this was a repeat episode of 'Mad TV,' especially with eyes attempting to focus on this guy, Klee, who resembled John Waters. Two men having a conversation about bowel movements; this has to be comedy, right?

Comedy, yes. But a television show? No. It was an infomercial for Dual Action Cleanse with a panel 'expert' by the name of Klee Irwin attempting to sell you an at-home enema kit. One does not need to see or hear this shit -- shit, literally! -- at 4:00 a.m. or any hour of the day. This was just so wrong on so many levels:

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